Friseur schenkt Obdachlosen neues Selbstwertgefühl

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Besonders in der vergangenen Woche überschlugen sich die schrecklichen Meldungen: Würzburg, München, Ansbach - Gewalttaten bestimmten auch die Schlagzeilen aus Bayern.

Wir berichten darüber - wollen aber auch die positiven Seiten des Lebens nicht zu kurz kommen lassen. Darum werden wir in dieser Woche jeden Tag um 18 Uhr eine Nachricht online stellen, die etwas Positives beinhaltet.

Zum Abschluss geht's heute um einen wohltätigen Friseur, der Obdachlosen neues Selbstwertgefühl gibt. 

Es handelt sich um Joshua Coombes, der in London Wohnungslosen ohne eine Gegenleistung die Haare schneidet. Er mache das, weil er in New York einen anderen Friseur kennengelernt hat, er ebenfalls auf diese Weise Menschen half. Er sei eine Inspiration für ihn gewesen und er selbst wollte daraufhin auch aktiv werden. 

Gesagt - getan: Nun bietet Coombes selbst Gratis-Haarschnitte an und will damit nicht nur dafür sorgen, dass sich die Obdachlosen wohler fühlen, sondern auch anderen ein Vorbild sein. Unter dem Hashtag #DoSomethingForNothing ruft er dazu auf, es ihm gleichzutun und gute Taten ohne Gegenleistung zu vollbringen. 

Auf seinem Instagram-Profil präsentiert der Friseur Vorher-Nachher-Bilder seiner Kunden: 

This is Paul, 54 years old. I found Paul sat down on The Strand, one of the busiest streets in Central London. I wandered how many people he must see walking by each day. As soon as I approached him he gave me a big smile and I knew I'd enjoy getting to know this man. Paul was born in Yorkshire, he's been homeless for the last five years. After working as a mechanic for the majority of his career in the north of England, he moved up to Scotland to enjoy the next chapter of his life. Unfortunately things didn't work out quite as easy as he'd thought. Paul struggled finding work and when the money he had saved ran out he could no longer pay his rent. This led him to his first night on the street. Paul told me he got a cheap bus down to London, mainly because of slightly warmer climates and a new experience. He's been on the street here for the last few months and is hoping for a break soon, to get back on his feet again and back to a life he once knew. Meeting Paul was an experience I won't forget. We sat down and shared stories for an hour after his haircut and I couldn't have felt happier in his company. I could feel his confidence had increased ten fold. I thanked him for spending his time with me and letting me help him, doing what I love ✂️ #DoSomethingForNothing

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This is Craig, 36 years old. I bumped into him today in Central London. Craig is originally from a small town in the north of Scotland, he moved down to London with his Dad when he was teenager. Craig has been homeless in London for the last couple of years. When I asked him why he can't stay at his dad's anymore he told me 'I don't know where he is now, we don't keep in touch.' I sensed not to ask more than that. Craig spent some more time in Scotland before coming back to the south. He spoke to me about life on the streets for him here - 'Of course we need money but that usually goes that day or evening. It's more important having people there for you'. There was a really nice moment during the haircut, a lady stopped by and asked what was happening, five minutes later she came back and gave us tenner to go and share a cup of tea afterwards. Whoever you are, thank you! It's always great to see that love when I'm out doing this. That's Craig's dinner sorted. #DoSomethingForNothing

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When asked if she wanted her haircut Shamrock was more than happy - "What a luxury! I haven't had it cut for so long" She tries to stay positive and see the best in situations but said - "When you get people who are just downright nasty it's hard, you get some people who shout and tell you that you'd be better of just being dead and to get a job, it's time like that which you hate being out here, sometimes a smile makes all the difference" During her haircut we learnt that she has now met somebody new, and she's very happy. He's 6 foot 2 and Dreamy!"She told us the story of last Christmas which she described as the best she had had for years. "My partners family invited us in off the streets for Christmas, we had a proper Chirstmas dinner and I even got a couple of presents, it was our first Christmas together. We have been together for 13 months now and having a relationship out here is hard, it's tough, each day there are things which happen, sometimes really bad things which make it hard to be happy with each other but we try our best". @ireneconesa #DoSomethingForNothing #WWIM13London

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